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Esteem Commercial Photography is dedicated to the utmost quality in the creation of beautiful and inspiring commercial imagery. We constantly strive to deliver imagery that will help our clients to target their audiences in a way that is memorable and true to their message. We are so dedicated to superior commercial photography, it's all we do!

Interiors and Exteriors

We always scout locations and plan exterior shots based on time of day and customer requirements. However, it isn't often that all of the elements of a great exterior shot come together at the same time.

For this shot, we were able to combine three images: a great sunset, an optimal exterior shot, and an ideal interior exposure into a single photograph. Using this compositing technique, we were able to create an image that will be sure to impress.

Photos of your building's exterior and interior are essential to every business and will be the first thing many of your customers will see. Whether used in marketing materials, review sites, or in search engines results, you want to put your company's best face forward.


This image was taken for the Distillery 291 to represent their superior quality Colorado distilled premium whiskey.

The "before" image shows the quality of an image as it would appear after being taken by a qualified photographer without any retouching. This is the best an image can look right out of the camera.

The final shot is the combination of multiple images taken to perfect individual aspects of the product, blending them and retouching remaining blemishes to show the bottle off in the greatest imaginable representation of this distillery's passionate work.

This technique is great for any beverage, food, or product photography.

Executive Headshots

When it comes to your business, it is always crucial to put your best foot forward. As they say, first impressions are vital in creating and maintaining new lasting relationships.

Well, often times a first impression is made when a potential client sees your image on advertising and social media. This is why we at Esteem Commercial believe in the power of high end retouching on your professional headshot.

Our secret to retouching this type of image is to carefully reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles while maintaining the fidelity of the person photographed. This means making someone look like themselves on a really good day.

Doing this will ensure you always make a great impression on customers and colleagues when you put your image out to the world.

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